Hurco double-column machines combine speed, stability

The latest additions to Hurco’s BXi CNC machine series are the BX50i, with XYZ-axis travels measuring 130 x 950 x 600mm, and the BX60i, with XYZ-axis travels measuring 1 325 x 1 600 x 700mm. The rigidity and thermal stability of the double-column design, combined with the weight of the machines, provide accuracy and improved surface finish capabilities. Designed for the mould making and aero-space industries, the machines are suitable for high-speed machining applications that require tight tolerances.

The double-column design is said to minimise machine distortion and thermal deformation. Also contributing to rigidity is a ladder-style bridge. This design supports the head casting, keeps the spindle centerline close to the supporting structure and isolates the bridge from part weight.

The machines feature integrated WinMax control software and the UltiMotion motion system. The control software supports multiple programming methods, including conversational programming, NC programming and a Hurco-specific feature called NC/Conversational Merge.

The UltiMotion system is designed to determine the tool’s optimal trajectory, ensure consistent programmed feed rates and reduce cycle time. Compared to conventional systems, it is said to improve cornering velocity and reduce machine jerk. It includes up to 10 000 blocks of dynamic look ahead and adapts to tool paths. It improves on CAM output through improved handling of machine mechanics and dynamics.

The BX50i has a table size of 1 500 x 960mm and a table load capacity of 2 500kgs. Its axes run as fast as 39mpm. It features direct drive ballscrews. Its motorised, 35kW spindle can rotate as fast as 18 000 rpm, and its spindle taper is HSK 63A. It has 30 automatic tool changing stations and weighs 13 000kgs.

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