HSG Laser fiber laser cutting machines and tube profile cutting machines

HSG Laser is a high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to providing laser equipment solutions to customers all over the world. The company focuses on the field of intelligent laser manufacturing equipment with the concept of efficient, environmental and compatible product development.

HSG has expanded all over the world, selling its highly technological machinery in over 70 countries. To show its commitment to the international community HSG Laser has exhibited at the recent Lamiera and Laser World of Photonics exhibitions and will be present at EuroBLECH 2018.

HSG Laser manufactures a range of CO2 laser cutting and optical fiber cutting machines for sheet, plate, tube and pipe. All the machines are equipped with internationally recognised solutions.

G4020H fiber laser
The machine comes in bed sizes of 3m x 1,5m, 4m x 2m and 6 x 2,5m and are equipped with a IPG Photonics laser source, Precitec cutting head, Beckhoff CNC controls and Gudel/Alpha precision racks. Machines range from 2kW to 10kW, have a maximum acceleration speed of 2G and are integrated with pre-programmed SigmaNEST software that allows automatic nesting (standard for 3kW and above).

Tube and profile cutting
Various types of tube and profile cutting machines are available. The 5-aixs pipe cutting machine HS-TP65 is ideal for square pipe, round pipe, rectangle pipe, oval pipe, waist-shaped pipe and D-shaped pipe and hexagon pipe cutting. Cutting parameters for square and hexagon pipe are 20/20mm and 150/150mm, for rectangular profiles of 20mm to 150mm and elliptic profiles of 20mm and 210mm.

Cutting thicknesses are between 0.5mm and 10mm for carbon steel pipe and between 0.5mm and 10mm for stainless steel pipe. The 5-axis machine is equipped to process up to 6 500mm in length, has a 3D and automatic focus/adjusting laser head and an automatic profile loading and unloading setting.

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