Helicheck 3D boosts tool digitising – United Grinding

With the Helicheck 3D machine, Walter introduced for the very first time a CNC measuring machine for the complete digitising of tools and production parts, resulting in a 3D model which can be saved, processed, analysed and measured.

With a revolutionary new method, tools can be scanned and digitised very quickly and easily. With the 3D Tool Analyser software specifically developed for this application, horizontal, vertical and freely selectable cutting planes at any position can be laid on the 3D model. These are then automatically analysed and the corresponding parameters are available for the user. The capability to measure all important tool features has never been quicker or simpler, and since measurements are carried out on the virtual model, this can also be done offline on a separate workstation.

To complement the Helicheck 3D machine, Walter also introduced a new software 3D matcher, which makes it possible to perform a colour-coded comparison of two 3D models within the proven graphical user interface. After the “match” of both models, the operator gets an instant evaluation of the quality of the products and any deviations from the desired values.

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