Hartford’s new intelligent five-axis machining solutions

With a gantry-type structure and integrated swivel rotary table, Hartford’s new and compact Intelligent 5A-650 machining centre sets new standards in the cost-effective, five-axis production of a wide range of even the most complex parts – courtesy of modular design principles that allow users to select varying spindle head and tool magazine options.

The new machine offers a variety of ‘intelligent’ spindle and control options for high-performance, five-axis machining of parts in a single set-up.

The 5A-650 has a work envelope (X, Y and Z axes) of 660mm by 550mm by 460mm and can accommodate loads of 300 kgs. A 25 revs/min 650 mm diameter table on the fourth/fifth axis unit can handle loads of 200 kgs, plus the B axis movement is +110deg to -50deg and there is a C axis rotation of a full 360deg.


As standard, the machine is provided with a 12.5 kW direct drive spindle head and has rapids of 30 m/min plus a 24-tool automatic toolchanger. As options, 20 kW (direct drive) or 24 kW (built-in) spindles can be supplied along with 30-, 40- or 60-tool ATC. Also, the machine can be supplied without a rotary table for three-axis applications.

The 24,000 revs/min built-in ‘i-Tech’ spindle can incorporate a variety of ‘smart’ functions for high-speed use – wear diagnostics, thermal displacement compensation and internal cooling for heightened thermal balance and overload protection.

Accurate and consistent machining is guaranteed by the gantry-type construction based on double-wall columns of spheroidal cast iron providing superb damping qualities, and which resist the impact of high acceleration/deceleration.

In addition, when used in three-axis mode, the workpiece remains stationary on the base, so loads remain constant. High-performance linear scales are used on the main axis travels, and the cross-beam features four linear ways.

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