GF Machining Solutions’ FORM 20 die sinking EDM

The efficient FORM 20 die sinking EDM with optional System 3R WorkPartner 1+ robot is designed for manufacturers needing to maximise their die-sinking EDM operations while minimising their environmental footprint.

When paired with the FORM 20, the WorkPartner 1+ provides automatic electrode and parts loading and unloading. Palletisation options can accommodate up to 20 pallets to allow for unmanned production and maximise lights-out operations.

To provide enhanced performance, the FORM 20 uses GF Machining Solutions’ proprietary Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) technology that gives the FORM 20 one of the lowest energy consumption levels – just 3.7 kW/h at full power.

The FORM 20’s IPG features built-in quality-boosting, cost-saving intelligence. With every machine pulse, the 70 amp generator continuously optimises the EDM process and reduces electrode wear as well as providing extremely uniform surface finishes. The machine generates surface finishes of Ra 0.1 micron. XYZ travels are 350 x 250 x 250mm.

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