GF Machining Solutions CUT P series of wire EDM machines

The new CUT P range will replace the company’s CUT Sp and CUT mS series of wire EDM machines and, from a price performance perspective, occupies the position between the CUT E series at one end of the spectrum, and the CUT 1000/2000/3000 series of machines at the other.

There are four different sized machines in the new CUT P series. The CUT P 550 features an automatic sliding door, linear scales, XYZ, U and V axis travels of 550 x 350 x 400mm, 500mm and 350mm respectively, and a 900 x 600mm table.

The new CUT P machines will appeal to precision component manufacturers and mould makers looking for a fast, flexible, high-accuracy and reliable wire EDM machine. The new CUT P machines feature a number of technology advantages designed to deliver process optimisation and security.

At the heart of all four CUT P machines is GF Machining Solutions’ digital generator technology. The upgraded IPG Intelligent Power Generator helps manufacturers cut parts faster (on average up to 20% faster than the previous Sp/mS machines).

The IPG generator, through its real time spark condition monitoring capabilities, controls and adapts the spark according to prevailing machining conditions to ensure fast and high-accuracy machining (positional and contour accuracies are +/- 2µm), and has an ability to realise surface finishes of Ra 0.08µm

The CUT P machines also feature a number of integrated onboard Smart technologies to help customers exploit the machines’ full potential and, in doing so, increase their productivity and reduce lead times.

These include the Power-Expert, Surface-Expert, Wire-Expert, Profil-Expert and Taper-Expert systems.

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