Gear skiving machines with direct-drive tables handle high workpiece speeds – Liebherr

EMO 2017: Liebherr will feature its LK 300 and 500 gear skiving machines, which are based on components of corresponding large hobbing machines.

These machines are rigid and equipped with powerful spindles and direct-drive tables to handle high workpiece speeds. The drive works with an automatic control that is said to maintain optimal parameters. The machines are supplied on a turnkey basis with individual clamping fixtures for each workpiece. A ring loader is the machine’s standard workpiece changing device.

The LHGearTec control system contains mathematical formulas for pressure and angle corrections said to improve quality via the machine’s kinematics. Automation options include a toolchanger, belts and robots.

The machines have a maximum gearing diameter of 300/500mm, maximum workpiece outside diameter of 500/600mm, maximum table speed of 3 000/1 500/min, a maximum tool diameter of 250mm, maximum tool speed of 2 700rpm and a maximum spindle output of 32kW

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