GC1130 insert grade now available for use with groove milling tools

Sandvik Coromant expands application range for latest steel milling grade and now has a direct link for Western Cape customers and channel partners.

Cutting tool and tooling systems specialist Sandvik Coromant has made its high performance steel milling grade, GC1130, available for use with CoroMill® QD and CoroMill 331 groove milling cutters. GC1130, which is the latest Zertivo™ grade from Sandvik Coromant, delivers high metal removal rates and secure performance levels in both wet and dry machining operations.

Already available for use with CoroMill 390, CoroMill 490 and CoroMill 495 shoulder and chamfer milling systems, this expansion of the application area makes the benefits of Zertivo technology, such as longer tool life and secure machining, available to a wider user profile.

Machine shops can now use grade GC1130 inserts with CoroMill QD for deep and narrow grooving in both external and internal roughing and finishing operations. For additional groove milling requirements, GC1130 inserts can also be applied to CoroMill 331, a multi-purpose side and face milling cutter. This versatile tool is capable of grooving, double half side milling, shoulder milling, face milling, back face milling, gang milling and circular ramping.

In total, GC1130 is now introduced to seven additional product families. Along with CoroMill QD and CoroMill 331, the insert grade is available for use with CoroMill 790 and T-Max long edge (shoulder milling), CoroMill Century (face milling), CoroMill 170 and CoroMill 176 (gear milling).

“Issues such as flaking, abrupt chipping and thermal cracks are commonly encountered when milling materials in the ISO P application area, especially when faced with unfavourable tool paths, deep cavities or when using coolant,” says Björn Ericsson, Project Manager. “We have developed GC1130 to help machine shops overcome the consequential effects of reduced insert life and unstable production.”

Manufactured using Zertivo – a PVD production technology that is designed to enhance the grade’s advantages – GC1130 offers high edge-line security and reduced flaking. In addition, a high-Cr content fine-grain substrate delivers high resistance to thermal cracks, helping ensure long and reliable tool life.

Find out more at www.sandvik.coromant.com/en-gb/products/milling-inserts-grades-steel

Direct link for Western Cape customers and channel partners
Customers in the Western Cape region will in future have a direct link with Sandvik Coromant, right on their doorstep in centrally located Montague Gardens. Sandvik Coromant has opened up an office to offer service and support to both customers and channel partners. Tj Pretorius, who has been with Sandvik Coromant for a number of years in the Gauteng region, has been appointed as the manager for the region. He can be contacted on Mobile 076 511 3066 or email tj.pretorius@sandvik.com

For further details contact Sandvik Coromant on TEL: 0860 101 008 or Mary-Ann Haylett on TEL: 011 570 9615, or email: mary-ann.haylett@sandvik.com or visit www.sandvik.coromant.com