Forming technology networking increases process reliability

Many operators have already wished that their system could tell them exactly what the problem is. In the age of the Industrial Internet, machines that communicate are no longer something to aspire to in the future. Schuler’s Smart Press Shop concept demonstrates how networking in forming technology can increase both process reliability and cost-effectiveness, the company says.

In the company’s modern servo press line, about 30 industrial PCs are networked with one another, which helps ensure high productivity and safe part transport from one press station to the next. Single presses, laser blanking lines, and various automation components also already have the necessary interfaces for comprehensive networking.


Forming simulation provides valuable information for the virtual optimisation of the entire system and minimises the time needed for part transport, the company says. Information on the energy required for production also is provided.

The system provides data measured by sensors installed at numerous points, for example to monitor the press force. If the press force progression deviates from a particular pattern, this indicates irregularities in the process. This information can be used to maintain the line and prevent damage to the machine and tool.

If it becomes apparent that not everything is running smoothly, a service engineer can connect to the customer’s system online to solve issues remotely in most cases.

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