Ekamant’s coated abrasives for sanding, polishing and cutting

Ekamant was founded in Sweden in 1928 and is today one of the oldest manufacturers of coated abrasives in the world. Ekamant South Africa was founded in 2009 and distributes a range of products for the automotive, metal working, boat building and all sanding industries.

A global company firmly rooted in Sweden, products can be found in all types of industry from large manufacturing plants to small shops, from China to the US. The main production plant and head offices are located in the small town of Markaryd, in the southern Swedish province of Småland, where Ekamant was founded in 1928.

Today, the company’s portfolio encompasses a whole range of solutions for metal, automotive and composite and other applications. From shaping and sanding, to aluminium and lacquer polishing, Ekamant’s products are available in a variety of belt, sheet, grinder disc and roll offerings. In addition to this standard offering and in keeping with its continuous drive for innovation, the company has developed abrasive brush products, finishing concepts for polishing applications, foam backed abrasives, machine accessories to accompany the standard range, and a non-woven product for cleaning and polishing purposes called Eka-Brite.

Ekamant metal range
Ekamant metal products are for all types of metal grinding. The product range has everything from J-cloth to a very strong polyester backing. You can find products for non-ferrous metal to hard carbon steel.

EKA Black is a new product for special applications and mainly used on stainless steel. The product combines the capacity for high rates of material removal with the ability to present an excellent surface finish with even scratch pattern. The Antistatex® bonding system provides a fully antistatic effect which reduces clogging of the product and minimises dust load on the sanding surface.

EKA 1000 Z is a Zirconia product for metal sanding of stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium alloys and other non ferrous metals.

EKA 1000 ZV is a Zirconia product with velcro backing for discs. This product is for metal materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium alloys and other non ferrous metals.

For more information contact Ekamant South Africa on TEL: 021 556 0193 or visit www.ekamant.co.za