Edgecam 2016 R2 delivers a number of new features

The 2016 R2 version of Edgecam CAM software for milling, turning and wire EDM is said to offer time savings when loading solid model part files. During trials, files loaded around 20 times faster, chiefly because less time is taken opening files due to ‘tessellation.’ This sees Edgecam break the model down into triangles, which are then stored in such a way that they can be read back faster than before.


Edgecam 2016 R2 64bit application

Edgecam 2016 R2 delivers a number of new features and milling, turning and wire EDM users will benefit from over 30 important new and enhanced items of CAD and CAM functionality, with developers working on more. User experience developments include super-fast file loading for large assemblies, auto indexing when moving between features on different planes, and colour filter selection when selecting geometry and features. A number of machining cycles have been enhanced, including the ability to support a number of sharp corner profiling methods such as loop, break-corner, chamfer and others with significantly reduced code output. In addition, support for probing cycles has been enhanced with direct solid picking and full associativity to the parent geometry.

For turning, the rough grooving cycle has been improved to add control to manage ‘nibbles’ on corner radii by adding or removing intermediate cuts. This technology will provide the ability to better control the remaining stock for semi-finishing operations. Additional turning enhancements include the ability to manually edit a turning feature which has been detected by the feature recognition routines. This manual interaction allows the user to pick out additional machining areas on particular complex geometry.


Turning with rotating heads Trevisan style machines

Machine configurations has been a focus of Edgecam development for this release and 2016 R2 sees the introduction of support for non-linear turrets on a 4 axis lathe, support for turning with rotating heads (Trevisan machine tools), and turning on milling machine improvements with support for nutated head configurations.

Finally, Wire EDM developments include the ability to translate associative machining operations for multiple copies and support for rotary wire movements for features on different planes.

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