DMG MORI’s hybrid machining centre intersperses milling with growing parts

DMG MORI’s Lasertec 4300 3D hybrid machine incorporates additive-directed energy deposition (blown powder) into a five-axis turn-mill machining center with a working area of 600 x 1 500mm. This is the company’s second hybrid machine for additive manufacturing via powder nozzle plus milling and turning. It says the six-axis blown powder method is as much as 20 times faster than a powder bed.

This machine is designed to exceed the capacity for prototypes and small parts for additive/subtractive machining, as well as to enable the creation of parts with multiple alloys via laminations or gradual transitions. A component can be built up in several additive steps, and milling can be interspersed with the additive process to machine areas of the part that would no longer be reachable once the component is fully grown.


Equipped with a mirrored C axis, the machine can transfer workpieces in order to work on all six faces of a cube. Additionally, the machine’s lower turret can be used as a virtual fixture, rigidly supporting the part during the subsequent machining process only when and where it is needed.

As many as five deposition heads can be automatically parked in a secure docking station while turning or milling operations are being carried out on the machine. These heads can be prepared for ID or OD deposition, large- or small-diameter deposition, heat treating, surface hardening, or welding, providing flexibility in manufacturing strategy.

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