DMG MORI Ultrasonic 20 linear 2nd generation milling machine

Capable of five-axis grinding of advanced materials as well as HSC milling.

The second generation of the Ultrasonic 20 linear, developed in collaboration with Sauer, DMG MORI said this new machine expands the use of ultrasonic assistance to applications with a defined cutting edge, such as the milling and drilling of nickel or titanium-based superalloys and more. It is ideal for the optical, clock/watch, medical and high-precision mold sectors. In addition to a high removal rate, it allows for accurate edge machining and 40% reduced process forces for advanced materials such as glass, ceramics, corundum, composite materials and hard metal.


Even externally, the completely revised Ultrasonic 20 linear 2nd Generation with its new, functional design and a reduced footprint of just 3.5 m² is impressive compared to its predecessor. The diverse technological optimisations include the now optional 60 000rpm speed of the spindle, the up to 47 percent (A-axis) more powerful drive motors, a 15kg higher load weight and the use of larger tool diameters of up to 50mm. Another highlight is the high-speed C-axis (1 500rpm) for high-precision and productive internal and external cylindrical grinding of rotational-symmetric workpieces made of advance materials.

Where control is concerned, the Ultrasonic 20 linear 2nd Generation supports users with a multitude of new functions. The Ultrasonic parameters are automatically determined and tracked during processing. In the clearly arranged Celos® control a Celos® APP expressly developed for the purpose shows the Ultrasonic technology cycles and key process parameters such as frequency, amplitude and output, thus enabling maximum utilisation of the Ultrasonic and machine performance.

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