DMG MORI integrates grinding into its duoBlock machines

Milling, turning and grinding in a single set-up.

DMG MORI has introduced grinding technology in its duoBlock machines to create a machining center with the ability to mill, turn and grind in a single setup.

After setting standards in technology integration with mill-turn technology for almost two decades, the machine tool manufacturer has now expanded its portfolio in this field to include a new variant with milling, turning and grinding (F-mill D-turn S-grind) capabilities.

As of now integration of the grinding technology is available for the size 80, 125 and 160 machines of the DMU / DMC FD duoBLOCK® series, thereby guaranteeing surface qualities of up to 0.4 µm. Milling, turning and grinding are carried out in a single set-up, so deviations resulting from retooling are also eliminated. This complete machining capability including grinding is further supported by exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles.

DMG MORI supports the grinding process of the FDS models in the duoBLOCK® series with DMG MORI technology cycles for internal, external and face grinding. Truing cycles expand the range of functions. Also new is an AE sensor (Acoustic, Emission) that guarantees maximum reliability and accuracy by detecting the first contact between the grinding wheel and the truing unit. The first contact between the grinding wheel and the component is also determined via the spindle load factor. DMG MORI has equipped the 1 300 litre coolant unit of the FDS machines with a centrifugal filter that catches even the finest particles (> 10 µm) from the grinding process.

DMG MORI supports efficient and productive complete machining comprising milling, turning and grinding with the aid of exclusive DMG MORI technology cycles, especially where grinding is concerned. The calibration cycle, for example, enables calibration of the truing station. Cycles for internal, external and face grinding plus truing cycles for truing the grinding wheel round off the offer. In addition new grinding wheel diameters can be defined automatically.

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