DMG MORI CNC sliding-head multi-spindle autos launched

DMG MORI has combined the speed of multi-spindle automatic turn-milling with the versatility of sliding-headstock (Swiss-type) technology to launch two new machines with up to 41 CNC axes at this year’s EMO machine tool show. The multis are manufactured at the group’s recently remodernised Gildemeister Italiana factory in Brembate di Sopra, Italy, which has experience of delivering more than 5 000 fixed-head multi-spindle autos.

In a compact footprint of 21.9m² including proprietary bar magazine and high pressure coolant system, the Multisprint 25 and Multisprint 36 are capable of manufacturing components from bar up to 25mm and 36mm diameter respectively. The larger machine can also turn chuck parts up to 50mm diameter, a process that can be automated by one or two robots in the working area.

Driven tools and a 100mm Y-axis on the cross-slides at each of the six spindle positions allow highly complex workpieces to be completely machined with up to 28 standard tools, 24 of which may be driven. X-axis travel is 50mm and Z-axis travel is 100mm, or 180mm in combination with DMG MORI’s SWISSTYPEkit including driven guide bush. Converting the lathes for long part turning takes less than two hours. Maximum rotational speed of the spindles is 7 500rpm, while driven tools rated at 13 800rpm / 14.2 Nm provide considerable versatility of production.

For rear machining, Multisprint machines can be optionally equipped with a pick-up spindle or one or two counter spindles, allowing cycle time reductions of up to 35 per cent through one-hit production. The pick-up spindle moves 230mm along the Z-axis. The counter spindles, which index in 0.002-degree increments, move 280mm in X, 320mm in Y and 370mm in Z. Machining is completed using a double-end working station with three driven and two fixed tools. Control is provided by a Fanuc series 30i.

Nozzles used in fluid mechanics, dental implants and shafts for vehicle manufacture are just a few examples of parts that can be produced highly efficiently.

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