Control your machines from any device and any location with SigmaNEST 365!

SigmaTEK’s latest step into the future of manufacturing – SigmaNEST 365 – moves SigmaTEK products to the cloud, making them accessible on any device, from anywhere in your shop. This also means greater storage capacity, and faster computer speeds. Another plus is that SigmaNEST 365 removes the need to manually upgrade each time there is a new release in the company’s software – this process is now automatic.

The SigmaNEST 365 Appliance is a purpose-built hardware solution that comes preinstalled with SigmaNEST and related SigmaTEK software. It’s the easiest way to be up and running in minutes and allows users the ability to access SigmaNEST from virtually any web-connected device. The appliance supports simultaneous users without requiring them to install SigmaNEST on their local workstation.

The SigmaNEST 365 Appliance is a high-performance and highly available box with local encrypted disk storage for storing user data and drawings and backs up to the cloud for disaster recovery. If anything ever happens to the appliance, the customer’s SigmaNEST environment spins up in the cloud, ensuring that the customer can still run 24/7.

SigmaNEST 365 will move SigmaNEST software from your computer to an appliance, leaving more space on your devices and in many cases increasing their operating speed. SigmaNEST 365 aims to limit your frustration, imagine no more waiting for the software, parts, or anything else in storage to load. Your computers will be able to perform at their top capacity even under a very high load.

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