Bystronic introduces global performance line products with the BySmart Fiber 3015

Bystronic has introduced the BySmart Fiber 3015, a new fiber laser cutting machine designed for users looking for quality machine performance at a lower investment cost. Equipped with the powerful ByVision control, BySmart Fiber laser cutting machine operators quickly and easily learn to control the entire cutting process. BySoft 7 software ensures a seamless integration into the manufacturing process chain for an optimised solution.

The newly developed machine platform delivers outstanding cutting results with just a few operating steps. To achieve this, the BySmart Fiber’s performance package focuses on the core competency of a fiber laser: laser-cutting parts in the most simple, quickest and cost-effective manner possible.


Available with a Fiber 2000 or Fiber 3000 laser source, the BySmart Fiber can process a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from steel and stainless steel to aluminium and non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

In the thin range of sheet thicknesses, the BySmart Fiber uses the full potential of the high energy density provided by the fiber laser beam. Here the machine significantly speeds up the cutting process compared to a CO2 laser. In the thicker material range the BySmart Fiber also proves its capability for cut quality and speed. In addition, users benefit from comparably low operating and maintenance costs. Hence, for users this means: faster cutting processes, lower costs, and higher profits with every cut part.


Simple operation
Operators control the cutting process on the BySmart Fiber using the ByVision 22-inch touch screen control interface. The powerful ByVision controls the entire manufacturing process with just a few swipes of the finger. While cutting, ByVision controls all the processes on the machine and provides the user with the most important process and machine data on-screen. Hence, the user always has an overview of all the relevant information: the current cutting plan, the position of the cutting head, and the machine status.


With BySoft 7, Bystronic offers the ideal software package in order to ensure the BySmart Fiber’s seamless integration into the user’s process chain. This allows the overall concept of an optimised manufacturing environment to be established around the fiber laser, in which users can realise the finished sheet metal part in a fast and efficient process.

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