Amada HFE-1003 3i press brake with offline programming and scheduling software

The Amada HFE-1003 3i has a 19inch, 3D multi-touch screen control, with smartphone-like operation. All programme information is available on a single screen. The company’s new BendNavi 3D system enables fast programming by importing DXF/DWG/IGES cad files directly into the machine. Further improvements to job set-up time are made possible with features such as SGrip tool clamps, bar code program input and tool navigation.

From an environmental perspective, a new, energy-saving drive with stop-start technology is designed to save both electricity and oil.

A large working envelope delivers fast processing speeds of 15mm/s for folding and 200mm/s approach. It also offers sheet follower options for processing large work, delta X backgauges for gauging complex parts, and a new automatic laser angle measurement system for material up to 20mm thick. The range offers bed lengths from 2.0 to 4m and press capacities from 50 to 220 tons as standard.


The VPSS 31 offline software automatically selects press brake tools, creates tool layouts and bend sequences. Automatic batch processing then generates the programmes without operator intervention, utilising a common tool layout for a maximum of 99 parts, saving time, reducing tool set-up and increasing machine uptime. Combined with Production Designer CAD software and the 3D part view on the AMNC 3i press brake control, the software streamlines the whole bending process.

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