Akira Seiki Performa SR3 XP vertical machining centre

Akira Seiki manufactures a variety of vertical machining centre models. However they all use the basic same construction such as the iron casting frames in Meehanite.

The Akira Seiki Performa SR3 XP vertical machining centre has extra spindle speed, 12 kW, and quicker rapids. The XP comes standard with through spindle coolant, SD card reader, a wash down system and chip auger. The 20-station arm type BT40 tool changer is impressive and over the small area the XYZ rapids of 36/36/40 m/min are amazing. If you tweak a few standard parameters the rigid tapping is lightning fast.


The machining centre travel range of motion on the XYZ are 762 x 410 x 460mm, the table size is 910 x 380 mm and the table load is 1 100 kilograms. The spindle power is 11 000 rpm and the machine comes with a chip conveyor, Mitsubishi Mi 745 control system with memory card readers and a network connection.

All axis in linear motion guides with full support ensure the superior acceleration/deceleration capability. Six leveling supports provide an impregnable foundation base. Advanced FEA digital analysis is carried out on all machines to achieve optimum design and the rigid structure to provide dynamic accuracy and vibration absorption while rapid cutting. Accuracy positioning is ± 0.004mm and repeatability is ± 0.002mm.

For further details contact Akira-Seiki Factory Outlet South Africa or visit www.mjhmachinetools.com